Mumbai Dabbawala Association join hands with Paytm Payments Bank


Image Source: IndianCEO

Mumbai Dabbawala Association, well-known for its homemade food delivery across Mumbai partners with Paytm Payments Bank. Paytm Payments Bank is a bank that provides zero balance account and zero online transaction charges. With this, over 5000 dabbawalas now can receive instant payment for their services through Paytm QR. However, they are going to get benefits also of having a bank account and they are going to earn 4% interest on the savings account and up to 6.85% on wealth management accounts.

Dabbawala Association can collect instant payment without the hindrances of handing cash from around 2 lakh Mumbai people. They can also avail withdrawals and deposits of cash from “Paytm ka ATM”.

More at The Economic Times

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