Indians are downloading mobile Apps but are they spending big bucks?


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Indians surpassesĀ Us in 2017 regarding mobile app downloads. Increase in population and smartphone market penetration has made India a big market for the mobile apps. According to a report by App Annie, Indians had downloaded 12.1 billion apps whereas the US had downloaded 11.3 billion in 2017. But the question is is India spending big bucks on these or they are just getting downloaded?

China stands first in spending on apps with $33.2 billion followed by the US who spend $15 billion. Whereas India is on 30th position with $0.2 billion spending. Most of them downloaded from Google Play in India but in case of spending, it is very less. Spending is dominated by IOS in India. On an average Indians have 78 apps downloaded on their phone but they use only 43 on an average. The number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly in India but the amount of spending is very less than other countries.

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